Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

Thomas VanDrunen

Wheaton College (IL)

This site provides information about and supplemental material for Thomas VanDrunen, Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming August 2012 by Franklin, Beedle and Associates. (See Franklin Beedle's catalogue entry.)

I have written a new version of Section 6.12 on the Huffman encoding. Here is a PDF of the new section, and you can also get the revised SML code.

1. Videos

I am producing a series of videos to accompany the text, both to help those who are studying the book independently and to be an aid to classroom use (for example, assigning these videos to support a "flipped classroom" model). If there are any sections for which you would find a video particularly useful, let me know. See also the YouTube channel.

2. Excerpts

Brief and full table of contents

Preface (for instructors)

3. Related document

The Case for Teaching Functional Programming in Discrete Math, a paper at the Educators' and Trainers' Symposium at SPLASH (formerly OOPSLA) 2011 describing the approach found in this book.

4. Resources for students

Source code for examples and exercises.

I am preparing a collection of solutions to exercises to aid students in studying the text on their own. This will be in lieu of a "back-of-the-book" section. It will be fairly limited, since the exercises also need to serve as homework problems for assessment. I'm posting the work-in-progress here:

Selected solutions.


5. Resources for instructors

For information on reviewing this book or related matters, contact Tom Sumner at Franklin, Beedle. For feedback on the text, errata reporting, etc, contact Thomas VanDrunen.

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