Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

Thomas VanDrunen

Wheaton College (IL)

I have re-written Section 6.12 on the Huffman encoding. Download a PDF of the new section here. You may also want the source code used in that section and its exercises.


Resources for instructors

I plan to populate this site gradually as I create the ancillary resources. Primarily I want to provide four things: slides, screen casts and other videos, extra exercises, and a solutions manual.

I make very little use of slides in my own teaching, but I recognize the need for having slides available for instructors using the book. As slides become available, please feel free to send comments to me on how to make them more useful to instructors or generally to improve them. I am also willing to give the LaTeX source, on request, if you want to modify them. These are not slides that I use in my own class; I have made them solely to help instructors using my book.

During the years I was preparing the book and using it in my own class, I gradually built up a collection of exercises from writing tests each year, and every time I revised the manuscript I added the new exercises. At the time the book was published (August 2012), it contained almost all the exercises I had. But I will be writing more and will be happy to share them with any instructors using the book.

The solutions manual won't be complete, but also will be something I fill out gradually. But if there is any exercise to which you need a solution, please feel free to ask me and I will write it up for you and add it to the solutions manual.

For obvious reasons, I will not make the extra exercises and solutions manual publicly available. Instead please contact me to request an electronic copy of either, and if I can informally verify that you are an instructor, I will send them to you.

Slides and video

(I will post more as they are ready).

Introduction introduction.mp4
1.(1-3) Sets and elements setelem.mp4 a_setelem.pdf
1.(4&5) Set operations; verifying facts setops1.mp4, setops2.mp4 b_setopsver.pdf
1.6 Introduction to ML introml.mp4 bc_ml.pdf
1.(8&9) Miscellaneous set concepts cardcart.mp4 d_cardcart.pdf
5.4 Properties of relations relprop.mp4 relprop.pdf

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